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Cartu Bank offers its Visa and Mastercard cardholder customers a contactless payment method with Google Pay™.

Owners of Android devices can add their Visa and Mastercard cards to Google Wallet™ and tap to pay with Google Pay™ quickly, simply, and securely.


Google Pay Instructions

How to add a card to Google Wallet™:

  • Open Google Wallet or Download it on your Android device from the Play Store
  • Open the app and tap “Add a card”
  • Add card details by taking a picture or enter the card details manually
  • Tap “Save and Continue”
  • Read and confirm Terms and Conditions
  • Your card has been added to Google Wallet successfully.


Where and how can we pay with Google Pay:

With your Android devices you can pay with Google Pay in store where you see the below signs.

How to pay with Google Pay in store:

  • Unlock your Android device
  • Hold the device near the reader
  • The operation has been finished successfully.

You can also pay with Google Pay online where you see the “Buy with GPay button.”